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Crystal D

 “Fear Holder”

Yussuff is what I like to call a “Fear Holder” …. In its simplest description, the value that Yussuff adds, is that he helps to identify and retract your fears – It’s as if he physically extracts your fears from your mind and body…allowing you to examine it and understand not only why they are less significant than we perceive, but possibly and more importantly, why we’ve allowed them to get as big as they are.

By the time he should be “handing back your fears” you’re stronger, more capable and your purpose glows so clearly, that you have no reservations to hold you back from achieving your own greatness.

He’s versed in his expertise, patient and humble in his transfer.

One does not need to know Yussuff prior to meeting him, as in seemingly casual conversation, profound “Ah-ha” moments are unearthed. His natural fit to his mentor-ship is, proof that not all mentors are created equally.

Yussuff has helped me to embrace the discomfort that personal growth brings, through healthy thoughts, habits and a greater sense of awareness, essentially allowing me to get out of my own way.

I’d encourage anyone, to connect with Yussuff – and watch your own magic unfold.

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