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 “Fear Holder”

Yussuff is what I like to call a “Fear Holder” …. In its simplest description, the value that Yussuff adds, is that he helps to identify and retract your fears – It’s as if he physically extracts your fears from your mind and body…allowing you to examine it and understand not only why they are less significant than we perceive, but possibly and more importantly, why we’ve allowed them to get as big as they are.

By the time he should be “handing back your fears” you’re stronger, more capable and your purpose glows so clearly, that you have no reservations to hold you back from achieving your own greatness.

He’s versed in his expertise, patient and humble in his transfer.

One does not need to know Yussuff prior to meeting him, as in seemingly casual conversation, profound “Ah-ha” moments are unearthed. His natural fit to his mentor-ship is, proof that not all mentors are created equally.

Yussuff has helped me to embrace the discomfort that personal growth brings, through healthy thoughts, habits and a greater sense of awareness, essentially allowing me to get out of my own way.

I’d encourage anyone, to connect with Yussuff – and watch your own magic unfold.

Crystal D

After a session with Yussuff you leave feeling very grounded, but at the same time, you feel like the sky’s the limit! He masterfully unlocks your own “knowing” and sense of self such that you gain remarkable clarity with a “can-do!” outlook and a “why not?” mindset. Truly empowering.

Joshua B

Yussuff’s upbeat energy and positivity towards life and all that we can accomplish in it, is inspiring. I went there with one focus and mind set and I left there with motivation to succeed in multiple areas of my life. Now I not only am successful in my career but I also live a more balanced life which brings me happiness.


Olivia D

I was referred to Yussuff at a time of uncertainty, when I had so many questions and no answers, about my next steps, professionally.  I could not even see the flickering of the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.  Yussuff provided me with the clarity I needed.  He renewed my hope and confidence in my own abilities as a professional, and a leader.  His approach is warm and welcoming, and yet he provides the reality check that you need, even when you don’t want to hear it.  I left our first meeting with a clear purpose and renewed energy to press forward. He continued to provide valuable insights, which even today guides the decision I make both professionally and personally.   The value you get from engaging the services of Naked Lab cannot be attributed to a specific dollar amount, his advice and guidance are truly invaluable.  I would recommend anyone to Yussuff and Naked lab.

Nicole K

After several unsuccessful attempts at obtaining gainful employment, I was advised to register for a session at Naked.  Much to my surprise, it was so much more than I anticipated.  It is a very welcoming environment where an individual feels comfortable to share, devoid of judgement.  Sessions are confidential, interactive, thought-provoking, and encourages you to look inward so that you can identify your passions, negative practices and limiting beliefs.  The Naked Team is genuine, caring and thoughtful, and they provide customized guidance on how you can achieve your life goals as well as the reassurance required to make that first big step.  At the end of a session, you will feel empowered and motivated to go forth and own your success.  I found it to be a truly rewarding experience, and I would strongly recommend to anyone seeking his or her true sense of purpose.

Alexia M

Yussuff Clarke is an incredible mentor. He is able to see things in people that they cannot or will not see in themselves. After one session with Yussuff, my paradigm was irrevocably shifted with regards to my perception of myself and the world that I merely existed in.  Yussuff helped me find my joy for work and a passion project that would soon turn into something greater. I was able to take risks and make significant changes in my life.  During our sessions, he was professional, courteous, and mindful of everything that was being discussed.  If you are looking for a change in any area of your life, you do not need to look any further than Naked Lab’s Yussuff Clarke.

Jamie Z

As a result of the coaching with Naked I have been able to become more organised, with a positive outlook, seriously cut down my alcohol intake and exercise more. These changes have had a major impact on my life and the people around me. When I launch into the next project in my life I will definitely be giving Yussuff a call.

Jason H

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By clearly defining your personal goals, we also identify those limiting patterns that may be holding you back from achieving them. 

Transformative Steps

Far from being a cookie-cutter exercise, the unique steps needed for you to breakthrough are decisively made at this point.

Practice Your Success

You now know what you need to do, and have to re-program your mind and habits to engineer it for sustained success. Here’s to your best life!

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